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Thinking Conditioning
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Thursday, October 30, 2014

12/20/1958 John Lennon Testifies With New Satanic ‘Corna’ Hairdo

John Lennon shares a Satanic Hex with you
from his new Hairdo eyebrow 12/20/1958
Your ‘Working Class Hero’ is a Satanist

Just in case your cut has lost it’s curl...
Let Anton McVeigh, 
Satanic MK Ultra Mind Control Handler to the Stars explain what John Lennon 
is actually doing 
in this photograph in 1958 
before ’The Beatles’ came into being.

a Satanist you say?

Well, better for them to
Fake a ‘Hero’s death who serves the Satanic Brainwashed Hairdo 
so well...

"The non-assassinated John Lennon 

appears in 2009 Film Let Him Be”

 as ‘Mark iT!

John Lennon Faked his death                       The Assassination of John Lennon was faked

kiwi_ - David Icke Forum
No hand sign here with Pete Best along

Lennon was making Masonic and Illuminati Hand Signs Before 
(or more accurately More Often)
than His Mates
The Pointing Down to the Underworld

The Pointing Down to the Underworld with The Evil Jimmy Savile

Both Lennon and the woman crossing arms with the Masonic sign
John making The “V” Sign
Why don’t they look like happy Rock ’n Roll Stars?

Don’t these hairdos look...A LITTLE...Brainwashed?

So, you know by now much of this BRITISH INVASIONfollowed by the HIPPIE GENERATION is about inrtroducing LSD into society BUT
do you know about

Ronald Hadley Stark: 

The Man Behind the LSD Curtain