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Thinking Conditioning
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Sunday, September 11, 2016

‘May No Bad Force Be Within You™'

Alternative Media/’News' GATEKEEPERS or ’Zen Gardner (David Icke) & The Children of God, an Expose’ by C.W. Chanter

ALternative News Background Hairdo Instructions

YEARS ago the discerning haircut knew clearly that the “Project Camelot” and “David Icke” logos were One-Eyed Masonic Gate keeping Traps. Their ilk like a wave moving forward. It washes over hairdos NEWLY under the wave of ‘awakening’ to blatant deception. Listen to the people TODAY who promote their works and refer to their knowledge. Here’s a little collection on that tacky hairdo of a doom blog back in 2012 which was posted around the same time the subject this video’s author BELOW addresses... a “GUARD ENER.”

We have moved on to other hair cuts and only mention this here because the conflicting rise in prominence of the three letter name coincided with the stifling of 

JFK, MLK, Eisenhower, Ruby, Hitler, Goering and Cassidy Freemason Handshakes and Gestures

and the “Cryptoterrestrial” mention below. Barthalamew says,
 “They would never even know that, so, mention it.”
NO MUS on the Hairdo here whatsoever. AND, it is worth mentioning that as one ‘Zen’ name rose the similar name’s counter’s were buoyed on Masonic numbers as a fun little clue.

 See who is ‘big and famous’ and flashing hand signs and promoting the works of others flashing hand signs. Masonic hand signs.

This includes Graham Hancock, David Icke, Michael Tsarion...the list goes on. Here’s a forthright video by waykiwayki to get your hairdo around it. “waykiwayki musings 01: Major Mason, and the Gnosis of Gatekeepers”

Masonic Gatekeeping
“From Illusion to Reality”...OMG, really?

The author will be discussing
and here it is as an advertisement before the ZEN GUARD ener
and DAVID ICKE wink....wink...’Interview”

Wait...entertainment with

 666 signs aplenty FIRST

More Kerry Cassidy Devil’s Horns 
in this little send up by the General

Illuminati Fashion News, Episode 1: Awake & Aware JAGuar PatternZ 

Kerry Cassidy (See video above for Illuminati Devil’s Horns and George Greene, one of the “Insiders” who WAS NOT KNOCKED OFF FOR “Revealing Inside Hair Do Plans,” SQUEEZING THAT MASONIC KNUCKLE FOR YOU>

Kerry Cassidy (‘Project Camelot’) flashing Illuminati Devil’s Horns. “Fashionable!" Horace at station 6™ LOVES her style. ’She’s a War Horse!”


Zen Gardner & The Children of God, an Expose C.W. Chanter

 “A Few Replies” By ‘Zen Gardner

David Icke’s Friend, Zen Gardner, Confesses He Ran Pedophile Cult

David Icke, Russell Brand, Controlled Opposition, MK Slaves and Blackmail. | Iceni Rising

Masonic Shoulder Hugger above two pictures and and a Masonic Knuckle Squeezer with Kerry Cassidy of the Masonic UFO Alternative News Gatekeeping Diversion Project Camelot with a very bad mind-triggering lead in song. 
Off-key. Perfect for this brainwashing bloggy.
David Icke & Kerry Cassidy Masonic Handshake

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