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Monday, September 26, 2016

🙆Hillary’s Body Double🚺♿️ Shampoo & Cut Special: While original Hairdoo🕹 is still ‘ALIVE!'

Teresa Lilly Barnwell & 

Hillary Clinton

That’s a Masonic Hanshake Knuckle Squeezer


Barthalamew is swamped. We are overloaded with new hairdoos since we advertised the Hillary & Bill Clinton Mind Controlled Hairdo.

The obviousness is simply gaudy. But, that’s why we’re in the Big Building now.

Here are the styles over at the Rense station. "Hillary’s Body Double…It's All In The Nose! They Are Gambling People Won’t Notice"

Any minute the fake hairdo will go out of style.

OR...was that a DUMMY who HILLARYfacePLANTED at the 911 Memorial?

Normal chads will resume. - Ed. 

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