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The Lake Drain♨️ Film Trailer

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Monday, June 13, 2016

The Lake Drain♨️ Film Viewer Reviews -

The Lake Drain is a surreal and imaginative drama/documentary. Very strange and offbeat. Surreal in both style and content. It explores the concept of deep underground military bases, covert mind control, doomsday weapons, interdimensional portals and extraterrestrials. Spooky and a bit frightening in places. Intriguing movie. – Ben Emlyn-Jones, HPANWO Radio Show 170- Jerry Griffin discusses making this film (among many other alternative media topics). Click on “Jerry AudioFull” for start of interview.

“Unique interesting Sci-Fi with great production & effects one of a kind humor & music with much color i can Really appreciate . Cheers! from Australia” -Craig Kraeg Hudson ·

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