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Wednesday, June 7, 2017


๐Ÿฅƒ “My feet was on me back’ards

when I was born”  ๐Ÿฅƒ

(FJBW๐Ÿ›, Hillyer High Road, Anniston, AL) ๐Ÿ Suffering "humiliation all m'life" in Anniston, Alabama by his wealthy Acker and Meigs family members, according to James Hurst Meigs, III, continues to this day as he has now been threatened to surrender his old Ford Truck according to a text message he was ordered to convey by his 'Uncle Billy.'

"...if not by the end of the weekend;my Uncle Billy is gonna turn everything over to the Bank and they will report it stolen to the Police..."

All is in perfect legal order and not, "stolen,' as seen here in a video just one month ago where the legal owner gives permission to, "Keep the truck as long as you need it, Jerry, you know." 

He added, "I own that truck."

Images of Jim Bob Meigs 

for Part 2 of the Film he Produced

©GMGriffin, Performance Gallery Films, LLC 

Former Film Producer, Actor & Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club Member, James Hurst Meigs, III (aka, Jim Bob) of Anniston, AL in a scene from the upcoming feature film,"The Untold Legendary Tales of the Lake Drain."

Billy Acker (Tinker) during filming a scene portraying an elite and suave international assassin. The non-union actor is signed to appear in the film without pay. 

This latest threat by his 'Warden Uncle Billy,' as characterized by his nephew, posed a sudden and very real threat in simply returning the vehicle as he demanded, suddenly, for "safety," according to another texted message from Meigs. As the vehicle was never 'missing' from the registered owner the fabrication and falsification of a crime report posed jeopordy against the falsly accused prior to and attempting to respond to the millionaire's apparent retrobution. 

"A false police report always involves the element of knowingly supplying incorrect information."

"False police reports can be damaging both for police efforts as well as any person who might be the victim of the false report."-

James Hurst Meigs, III is down to eight toes and is forced to live with his 'alcoholic,' mother, according to the man lovingly known as Jim Bob by real friends, (Friends of Jim Bob.) He purchased the 2006 pick-up while experiencing the life of a Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club Member down near Macon, Ga, clearly on the wrong side of the law, an embarrassment to this day by the wealthy Alabama 'relatives.' 


At 14,000 miles the truck was put in his garage on Hillyer High in Anniston after a debilitating aneurysm while living with his "drunk mother," according to Meigs. He had moved back to Anniston after his own father, who "beat me ev'ry chance he got, drunk or not...," had his own stroke and became a paraplegic. The truck was shared with a real friend who became his loyal fishing buddy, helped him accomplish building a $200,000 cabin at an Eastaboga private lake where the feature film was shot as a science fiction documentary (witness this continuing action from his family against him preventing us from softening the story details.) Eventually, the truck was used as an important prop in a feature film Meigs Co-Produced (d.b.a., Jim Bob Productions in conjunction with Performance Gallery Films, LLC.) <Click here> ๐ŸŒ‹

Producing this feature film and soundtrack album represents the first genuine attempt by Meigs to operate in a legally protected environment rather than his life of crime as a Biker in the South.
He fled from his 'family' in the wealthy hills of Anniston to escape beatings and debasement and wound up in a genuine southern biker's life where he seemed attracted to more beatings and debasement. Background here.๐ŸŽฅ

(Officially, this is unwanted publicity and a very boring and trecherous development for the film as the docufictional script writing has been taken over by the generating actions of the, "second most boring one-leggd millionaire in the South," according to his nephew in a review of the uncle's regular pontificating 'visits' over cocktails.)

The Nephew                          "Uncle Billy" 

 With his HERO, Dale, Jr.   Dream Image From Film 


So, the setting moves to Macon, GA where an old biker-in-arms looked after the old truck for $300.00. He was expecting the sibling to come down there and hand him the keys personally. "Cherokee' Tremain was "pissed" that the truck was picked up by an order threatening ol' "Little Bob." (Cherokee's not that big himself but he's got a scary sounding voice!) 

One Month Ago
We got a note from “Cherokee" who says he was around with The Thunder down there in Macon, yes? He says, he will,
“...get the keys below ______ there” and he’ll “hold on to it in Ga. until the brother is ready an come for it. Tell him its cross the street from before. We all miss you, too. Come visit, soon. SKULL & CROSSBONES FOREVER! 
- Cherokee

From the Film:

"Tell you what, ev'ry time they hear a Harley over there in's us. You don't want us to stop."

- Cherokee Tremain, Biker 
(declined to appear ON Camera, "for now")

"A hundred and thirty thousand miles? What's the prison warden want with this truck?" - Shaw, "The Untold Legendary Tales of The Lake Drain ⚗️"

- To Be Continued As Boring Developments Occur -
See: "Reversal of Fortune," it's more interesting

Copy of Actual Text Sent 
Against Jim Bob's Will