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Monday, May 9, 2016

The Great Modern Day Researcher Hairdo 🕵 of Harry Hubbard

If you are a Researcher and have yet to come across an authentic old publication analyzer apart from many researchers, authors and You Tube Journalists - and he’s been around for awhile - then meet the man from Georgia, US. where the accents are drawn out. We love that around here. He steams integrity. This first is an introduction into his thoroughness. You can go right to his YouTube channel and we’ll drop in some stuff from the salon. Harry Hubbard. Ignored and ridiculed...and you’ll see why ‘they’ don’t want out what he has found...

Freemasonry’s ties to the Templars was contrived according to this 1929 Publication cross-referenced with other old publications.

SHOCKING: Secrets of the Templars

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Could the Earth be Hollow?

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What Do Killer Whales And Secret Societies Have In Common?


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