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Thinking Conditioning
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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Flüchtling - The Manufactured Refugee Beer™

Bartholomew just returned from our headquarters in Moldova and was aghast.

THIS IS WHAT THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO SEEWATCH: The video that's been banned all over Europe and America.Watch and Share before they take it down again.THIS IS WHAT THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO SEE.
Posted by John French on Saturday, January 23, 2016

Polish MEP calls refugees human trash

“How Europe’s most liberal nation gagged its own people on migration attacks: The Swedish conspiracy to hide the truth about the refugee influx- Daily Mail

Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Original Flat Earth Potato CHIP™ (Feat. “LIVE in iTUNES 🕷🎼 Attack of the Weaving Spiders”)


“LIVE in iTUNES 🕷🎼 Attack of the Weaving Spiders”)

Richard Sauder’s “Event Horizon Chronicle” Blog

Cool your potatoes Music by
 The Lake Drain Lounge♨️
’Flat Earth’ Info (Both Sides) Below

Bartholomew had this lady stop by for a Jerri Curl™ and she was munching on these pretty green chips. We all tried some and began to have visions of flat hairdos. She showed us the ad but someone noticed that the horizon looks a little different than in her favorite drink’s ad.

So, we turned on the “Tricked by The Light’ video bThe Lake Drain 

Lounge♨️ and imagined what it must really be like up there. - Ed.

Showing YOU what is may be like 
12:31 Sec. With Actual Copy of Magazine

“It seemed a flat disc with upturned edge”

See what it must be like to

And who keeps saying to “Go to the Light” when you might 
go through the dome...?

The Flat Earth Rising Horizon

Barthalamew said to include this FOR YOUR INFORMATION...Only

Not Richard Vizzuti

Eric Dubay(sexy,above)has the best information but exhibits classic Narcissistic Dilemma tendencies (our opinion)- Barthalamew

Anything is Possible

The Movie, “V”

Largest Video Compilation With Flat Earth References In Hollywood Movies, Music, And TV Shows

What kind of map does the “U.N”
use for its’ logo?

We think Rob Skiba has the best
Biblically referenced research.

The Bible is a Flat Earth book
 (confirmed by a doctor and the village idiot)

Ever see the real Star Wars remains

 of Sodom & Gomorrah?


Here are some Verses from the Quran supporting the Geocentric Stationary Flat Earth Truth.Su
rah Ar-Rad (13:2):And He it is Who has made the Sun and the Moon subservient (to a law), each running its course till an appointed term. 

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Take a Chip Break!

We have first hand knowledge of “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong” behavior as Bartholomew was “BANNED!” from this “forum” for simply posting relative knowledge. - Ed.

Conspiracy theorist Eric Dubay launched the International Flat Earth Research Society (IFERS) claiming all others were "controlled opposition". Dubay stands out for a documentary claiming Adolf was a peaceful, honourable individual unfairly tarnished by the Zionist media.

Flat Earthism is like a new religion with its dogmas  and many schisms. Three websites vying for flat earth supremacy differ from the trivial (who had the idea first) to the argumentative (Are the Jews to blame for suppressing flat-Earth truths?). Everybody is trying the define it; there is no unified theory. 

Flat earther, Daniel Shenton states, "There is no unified flat Earth model but the most commonly accepted one is that it's more or less a disc, with a ring of something to hold in the water. The height and substance of that, no one is absolutely sure, but most people think it's mountains with snow and ice."
- See more at:

‘Who Brought Back the Flat Earth?'

Vedas knew the Earth was Flat...

This is a small segment from a fantastic presentation
 by Jeff White to New Horizons Saint Annes entitled 'The kali Yuga'.