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The Lake Drain♨️ Film Trailer

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Monday, December 28, 2015

‘Where Did My Dreams Go?’ Music Video by The Lake Drain Lounge ♨️

Barthalamew insisted this be posted. He loves the moody beat, “after all, it’s about dreams, yes?” Adding, “I love looking at the surprise on my client’s faces when there is a change early in the song...a moody beat that you can dance to!”

So, he is playing this on a loop over at his station.

This is the title song for ♨️ ’The Lake Drain” film 
by Performance Gallery Films, LLC. 
A Docufictional Film by Jerry Griffin
 Country & Western Science Fiction 


💻 Film Website

‘Where Did My Dreams Go?’ Music Video 

by The Lake Drain Lounge ♨️ 

 Performance Gallery Films, LLC on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

♨️ The Lake Drain Lounge Hip Film Review™ (FULL.) (made with Spreaker)

We are featured in a scene. 

“It came in through the bathroom window!” 

Well, it’s actually a trailer. Very interesting film. We are referenced near the end. 

(“It’s a surprise!”- Barthalamew)

Performance Gallery FilmsThe Lake Drain Audio ♨️ Promos by ©Jerry

This is the title song for ♨️ ’The Lake Drain” film 
by Performance Gallery Films, LLC. 
A Docufictional Film by Jerry Griffin
 Country & Western Science Fiction 
💻 Film Website

‘Where Did My Dreams Go?’ Music Video 

by The Lake Drain Lounge ♨️ 

 Performance Gallery Films, LLC on Vimeo.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

The REAL and FAke confeSSions of Stanley Kubrick

The REAL confession of Stanley Kubrick - Please Share

We post this here at the salon to show how TRUTH is MIXED WITH DISINFORMATION

“I went in to it like it was a regular film of mine not thinking too much the long terms effects that it would have to society if it was ever discovered.” 

- Stanley Kubrick, “Shooting Stanley Kubrick” - 2015 

Here’s the guy being coached

(Start 16:35)

"The movie I made no one is aware of even though they’ve seen it.”

“I perpetrated a huge fraud on the American public which I am now about to detail involving the united states government and NASA that the moon landing was faked, the moon landings all were faked and I was the person who filmed it.” - Stanley Kubrick, “Shooting Stanley Kubrick” - 2015

Ever see the Lunar Module 



They needed strings to hold them up

Werner Von Braun on the way to a Latte Break

Monday, November 30, 2015

Weird Scene: a healthy Dave McGowan dies after uncharted heavy metal bout with “Cancer”


Order the book from Dave’s Site  

The Center for an Informed America

“...he was a courageous and brilliant investigative writer whose insightful work opened the eyes and minds of many. “ - Obituary  LINKBarthalamew is in mourning. Dave not only chronicled the psychological operation emanating from Laurel Canyon (not San Francisco) which thrives today as “Classic Rock” but he was a rock opera of a researcher in many other areas. It may be that his “Boston Marathon” (John Wells Caravan to midnight) research ruffled a last straw hairdo. We post the picture below because his brother states that, tragically, deep pain resulted in this ordeal where he was healthy in all the interviews we listen to here in Moldova. (More on: Snippets-And-SlappitsTruth & Shadows) 

Get to know Dave. 

Here’s an excellent interview with Henrik Palmgren on Red Ice Radio. 
We loop PART 2 in the Salon.

and now...

"Despite not having the healthiest diet and not making the most healthy lifestyle choices, I have been remarkably healthy throughout my adult life.But now, literally overnight, that reality has been replaced with a painful and, if I’m being perfectly honest, terrifying new reality.... Based on what my doctors have told me and what I have read, the prognosis is not good. My oncologist seems to be of the opinion that I only have a couple years left on this planet, if that”

"Speaking of advice: this David McGowan fella really ought to quit smoking. With all the elitist feathers he’s ruffling, he’s likely to come down with a spontaneous case of hitherto undiagnosed stage 4 inoperable Pancreatic cancer.”- on Dave’s site


Today at 1:19pm

(This is why we post. Long Live Dave!) - Ed.


And from “Alissa, the eldest daughter

A Very Personal Message from Alissa, or Where Did Dave’s Work Go?

More here at the Salon on Dave & Laurel Canyon:

“Frank Zappa, Chief Military Contractor for Your Hippie Hairdo - Dave McGOWAN”


Let Miles show you the way

Thursday, November 26, 2015

‘Hunger Games’ Donald Sutherland reveals dark secrets messaGe

“...’blind faith in their leaders,’ as Bruce Springsteen said, 'will get you dead.” 

- Donald Sutherland promoting “The Hunger Games”

But it’s the speech beforehand, where he says that “blind faith in your leaders, or in anything, will get you killed"

(Starts 1:55 sec.)

Read More: Top 10 Bruce Springsteen Political Songs |

But wait...what’s this “Rock ’n Roll’ Hairstyle anyway?

Friday, October 16, 2015

LAMAR ODOM & Khloe Kardashian: The Blood Sacrifice Lifestyle II (by Black Child)

“ZippythePinhead” predicted Lamar Odom would be sacrificed 1 year ago.

LAMAR ODOM To Be Murdered by Illuminati in Blood Sacrifice Ritual PREDICTION

Published on Aug 17, 2014

Barthalamew said to remind you that if you are new to this brainwashing thing then you oughta’ check out: Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner:The Illuminated Brainwashed Housewife in another room here at the salon. You will see that the whole “Kardashian” thing is orchestrated with puppets. Sex slaves. View on...

The Blood Sacrifice Lifestyle II: 

LAMAR ODOM & Khloe Kardashian

 (by Black Child)

The Blood Sacrifice Lifestyle: French Montana and CHINX

Flat Earth Hair Do Basics

This is an excellent video but as with most Flat Earth Detangler™ is takes time to gel and seperate from BRAINWASHING of Generations.

Government Secrets Revealed - Greatest Hoax of All Time

200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball Videobook by Eric Dubay.

Hidden secrets of Yale’s 1491 world map revealed via multispectral imaging

Flat Earth Illuminati Card Game - Jeffrey Grupp

Simulated Mars Environment on Devon Island - Curiosity Images are NASA fakes.