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Thinking Conditioning
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The Lake Drain♨️ Film Trailer

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

♨️ The Lake Drain Lounge Hip Film Review™ (FULL.) (made with Spreaker)

We are featured in a scene. 

“It came in through the bathroom window!” 

Well, it’s actually a trailer. Very interesting film. We are referenced near the end. 

(“It’s a surprise!”- Barthalamew)

Performance Gallery FilmsThe Lake Drain Audio ♨️ Promos by ©Jerry

This is the title song for ♨️ ’The Lake Drain” film 
by Performance Gallery Films, LLC. 
A Docufictional Film by Jerry Griffin
 Country & Western Science Fiction 
💻 Film Website

‘Where Did My Dreams Go?’ Music Video 

by The Lake Drain Lounge ♨️ 

 Performance Gallery Films, LLC on Vimeo.

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