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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Cannabinoids & Cherries Cause Cancer Cells 2 Commit SUICIDE

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"Cannabis extract medicine, also known as "hemp oil" when referring to the type pioneered by Rick Simpson, is a concentrated formulation of cannabis that is ingested orally. By eating large quantities of the oil over a three to six month period, nearly any disease you can imagine can either be cured or completely controlled. This is possible because cannabis medicine works fundamentally through the endocannabinoid system, the superregulatory system of our bodies that maintains homeostasis in the other systems.

'Cannabinoids cause cancer cells to commit suicide’

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Your TEASED hairdo “is lured to the light by Alien beings on the moon and used as a source of energy for themselves and possibly the sun” - Wayne Bush

Miles Johnston sums up the exact point where the diversion takes place. Listen to the first few minutes.

(yes, this post has been hacked, too...)

 “If you have read this far, you probably are ready to go beyond those belief systems, having realized they are set up to create a false dichotomy, and to limit and disempower you. 

Who is Hatibow, and What Has He Done with Our Beloved Moon?

The Apollo Missions Are a Scientifically Provable Lie

How The Fake News Deceives The PlanetCrrow777  

 "You have probably also realized that the true manipulators at the helm of the conspiracy are non-physical entities, which various religions and cultures have referred to the Archons (in the Gnostic tradition), Djinn or Jinn (in Islam), Demons (in Christianity), the Mud Shadow (in the books of Carlos Castaneda) or by other names.”

"The soul net ensures the planet remains a trawling ground for the Archons to trigger our emotions (which they expertly do through the media, war, fear and other methods of deception) so they can get fed. As Don Juan put it in Castaneda’s final book, The Active Side of Infinity, we are like humaneros, raised like livestock on a farm to be exploited.” - Posted by Makia Freeman on June 25

There is no tunnel at the end of this life. It is a trick. It is a meme. You are being conditioned to be diverted. 

by Wayne Bush

Hear him in his second interview here with Mr. Carlwood.

Our customers think this interview is akin to listening to:


...all at once!

Another excellent interview by Greg Carlwood

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Soul-Catching Net: Are We “Recycled” at Death to Remain in the Matrix?

“The soul net is placed there as an artificial energetic grid (not the natural energetic grid of ley lines of Planet Earth) to prevent any soul from getting through.

"However, because we are powerful beings, the Archons can’t just rely on force for all this. They need to trick us into giving them consent. How do they do that? How do they get us to go willingly into the soul net? With the trick of the white light …

The Soul Net Relies on the 

Trick of the White Light

"We have been told through various sources that the white light at death is something to head towards. Hollywood films such as Ghost promote this. People who have experienced OBEs (Out of Body Experiences) mention it.” iT!