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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner: The Illuminated Brainwashed Housewife

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Before we get started at the Salon here in Moldova, if you are not already aware of how Brainwashed we are as Housewives then look above at the top headline special and then come back for this wax job.  Or, just click this Spritzer and see if that looks like a familiar hair style.

We will be combing our Octagon Cut with toothy combs.

Are you back?
Here we go.
This is a little publication commonly known to be for members of the male sporting club and not for ladies such as we sport in the salon here. 

According to this site, “Queerty” the newer online site is indeed quite the rave within club interest. Bartholamew cuts at Station 6 on our second floor downtown and could not agree more. He says Jenner is hot and The Kardashian involvement was just fishy netting on the way to his brainwashed sex change. He says the “Controllers,” many with bad hairdos, are obviously destroying a 
stereotype of our hero worship
that was false anyway. It’s sort of like the fake destruction of the Challenger rocket when it can’t leave a flat earth anyway and immortalizing astronauts with hairdos which have simply changed styles. That hair did not die. 

Here’s a little clue...
No? Really? Don’t see...?
How about this...?
No? Ok. Nevermind. Keep on...
How about this?
 Here’s an eighteen second clip on “Family Guy” fortelling the plan to have this gender bender have us bend over.

Or as he says over on ‘Vigilant Citizen...'
"The Caitlyn Jenner story was orchestrated to bring specific concepts to the forefront, notably the complete reversal of gender roles. Although the elite’s occult teaching are about complete equilibrium, they want the masses to be completely out of balance. That’s how you keep them confused and malleable.”- VC

The Agenda Behind Bruce Jenner’s Transformation

So, if you think a guy with Olympic underarm hair 
would naturally want to shave it and tweeze some eyebrows you oughta click HERE.

You might also follow the eyebrow thing and how it can be changed...HERE


by  ON  

Black & White
"Created alters can then be accessed using trigger words or symbols programmed into the subject’s psyche by the handler. Some of the most common internal images seen by mind control slaves are trees, Cabalistic Tree of life, infinity loops, ancient symbols and letters, spider webs, mirrors, glass shattering, masks, castles, mazes, demons, butterflies, hour glasses, clocks and robots. These symbols are commonly inserted in popular culture movies and videos for two reasons: to desensitize the majority of the population, using subliminals and neuro-linguistic programming and to deliberately construct specific triggers and keys for base programming of highly-impressionable MONARCH children.


Bruce Jenner Illuminati Crossover

Kim wearing a dress with butterflies

 psyche is on the Olympic Medal

And this would be the tacky family sponsored by and showing the

 Illuminati Club Logos on your basic Masonic black & white checked floor.

Here’s another subtle clue



Here’s another bad hairdo clue. Not quite as “subtle.”

That would, of course, be Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. 

Kim is in “White” in the ‘family’ picture above.

Now, you are ready...

Bruce Jenner Illuminati Crossover"

We have this video playing in the Rinse Room

and it is self-drying.

AND...if you want to see for yourself that other “SPORTS ICONS” ARE ALSO BRAINWASHED AND MIND controlled...THEN YOU ARE READY TO WATCH THIS...

Disturbingly Creepy! Serena Williams(Athletes) on Mind Control Sports illuminati Exposed 2015


So, Bruce lived with Illuminati slaves and his SEX Change is clearly societal manipulation also defined in the preceding Illuminati music industry gambit... HERE

And now...,

 The Illuminated Brainwashed Housewife.

Bartholamew says, “Ewwwwwwww....”

Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner: 

The Illuminated Brainwashed Housewife

And this is what “THEY” want “YOU” to do...
And “YOU" are DOING “IT”

...and Here’s that “Official Story” 

to help get you there

(Man! Has his business just picked up since the quote about Bruce up top...!) insists that we brush off now some of your freshly cut hair which you would find later anyway.  So, here’s another nice piece by Robert Morningstar courtesy of his excellent blog. 
(READ “Lost in Transgender.” Click below for his post)

“One other, rather ironic and interesting aside, is that Bruce Jenner, was at one time, a resident of Sandy Hook, Connecticut.” - Morningstar

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Peter Seller’s voice for “Dr. Strangelove” imitated a still photographer on set

“I was stuck, you see, Sellers says on the Steve Allen Show on American television. “On the set was a cute little photoographer from New York...”
OUIJA (as he spells it) or WEE GEE
Peter Sellers explains his brilliant improvisational choice, he talks with the photographer on the telephone and then hear Sellers do the accent as the Dr. Strangelove.

original food fight ending

Dr. Strangelove (8/8) Movie CLIP - Living Underground (1964) HD

Kubrick's Odyssey: Secrets Hidden in the Films of Stanley Kubrick Part 1

Red Ice Radio - Jay Weidner - Hr 1 - Kubrick's Odyssey:
How Stanley Faked the Moon Landings

The Shining Code (complete film)