Thinking Conditioning

Thinking Conditioning
Thinking is Brainwashed

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Learn the Art of Self Brainwashing Your Hairdo NOW

Surprise! It is You who allow your Hairdo to be washed, cut and curled!


Illuminati Black MagiK Television Tricks REVEALED!!

Nothing you need to do...just siT there!

“The way to mind control a person is to bring them up and down in a hypnotic trance” by programming their mind with symbols which reach parts of the brain opening it to the power of suggestion. -video

 The satanic globalist elitists are obsessed with Numerology. It doesn't matter that you don't believe in Numerology: THEY DO. They believe in numbers, dates, schedules, rituals, potions, and names, and they openly telegraph and announce their beliefs, intentions, and plans, via Numerological gaming - See more at:


Laurel Canyon, Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon, 

Sex, Drugs, Rock’n Roll, & DEATH,

Dave McGowaN

"I’m coming to the opinion that in the UK there was a similar situation happening to that of the US West coast music scene centred on the area known as Laurel Canyon. This series of articles by author Dave McGowan makes a very strong case for many of the musical luminaries of the day being CIA run."

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