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Thinking Conditioning
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Friday, March 27, 2015

Brainwashed Housewife featured in upcoming: ‘The Lake Drain Film'

We have received word that the character “Shaw” references this little blog
 in a scene near the end of the UPCOMING final cut. 
WE are used in a special effect during that scene.
The full theatrical release is upcoming so look for it
because this version is now being looped in the salon.
 (We are using the same HD feed from Vimeo.) 



“No blow dry needed here." - Ed.

Below is the pre-released version. 

The Lake Drain Film

‘The Lake Drain Film” by The Performance Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia. 
A crucial high-tech piece of CERN collides into the path of a retired and broken biker focusing covert recovery intelligence away from an actively targeted journalist. 
This is the ‘Educational Film Release’ (featuring a voice performance by Richard Sauder, Ph.D.) of, “The Lake Drain,” by Jerry Griffin, Producer and Director. © All Rights Reserved. This Docufictional film is in development.
The Performance Gallery

MIles Johnston Confirms...”The Lake Drain” arrives in UK for the Bases Project International Conference and Film Festival

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