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Monday, July 18, 2016

First Gerald Patrick Hemming and now Max Spiers ‘Dead,” OR “Super Soldiers on Parade!”

Barthalamew is a bit distraught. He loved the knowledge coming from Max Spiers over at the Bases Project. And now he is “gone.” Gerald Patrick Hemming, too.

True White Hat The quietest super soldier, the truest spiritual patriot Home The Max Spiers Death Reports Max is safe here, with us, seated at his place on the Council of Twelve.

The Death of Max Spiers, Warsaw July 16th 2016 Miles Johnston Miles Johnston

Kerry Cassidy & Miles Johnston on Max Spiers, Interview Analysis 


Barthalamew pulled this one out of his Liszt and now plays it on a loop.

Illuminati Fashion News, Episode 1: Awake & Aware JAGuar PatternZ 

Kerry Cassidy (See video above for Illuminati Devil’s Horns and George Greene, one of the “Insiders” who WAS NOT KNOCKED OFF FOR “Revealing Inside Hair Do Plans,” SQUEEZING THAT MASONIC KNUCKLE FOR YOU>

Kerry Cassidy (‘Project Camelot’) flashing Illuminati Devil’s Horns. “Fashionable!" Horace at station 6™ LOVES her style. ’She’s a War Horse!”

Duncan O’Finion or
or, whatever, was originally touted by the Masonic Project Camelot as the Golden Boy ‘Whistleblower’ Super Soldier who spoke from the gut. He CONFRONTED The LARGE MOUTHED BASS OF AN ILLUMINATI PLANT ’Sean David Morton’ on stage revealing the power of truth from Duncan. He was ‘black balled’ from future exposure by the controlled opposition alternative news project and others in the circuit.

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