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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Jade Helm REVIEW: (Joint Assistant for Deployment & Execution) is an excercise to game A.I. asymetric warfare against belligerent hairdOS

Artificial Intelligence plans to

interact with your hair design. 

Now, this message from a sponsor:

Okay. Back.

Jade Helm Review: This is an excellent technical breakdown of what actually exists. Definitions of ‘Asymmetrical Warfare,’ ‘Human Domain’ and an obviously lying Army Lt. Col. Lastoria

 are most fascinating and not wild speculation.
According to Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keepers Founder, "Jade Helm is in part conditioning and vetting of the military to see who will and will not go along. I think it's also conditioning and assessment and vetting of the local politicians," he added. "Who raises questions? Who has any serious, meaningful questions about what we're doing with this exercise? They put their name down. I think they’re figuring out who is loyal and who is not loyal and who is likely to go along, with the town councils and 
county commissioners as well.

“This is a manifestation 

of the new doctrine of the military.”

Jade Helm vs America - Army Propaganda visits Texas, A Warning to all Free Citizens - Martial Law

Excellent technical analysis 
of what Jade Helm Is minus speculation...

Did we discover the real purpose of Jade Helm by accident ?

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