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Monday, February 22, 2016

Your hairdo needs ‘NEW CHRONOLOGY Hair Spray™’ by Fomenko & Silvie’ Ivanowa

Barthalamew said we needed a special page after this lady stopped by for a Chronological Face Pat™ and dropped a bombshell.

Simply put, the entire system 

to date history has split ends.


Here’s the work by Anatoly Fomenko:


Here’s an amazing EPIC Documentary by Silvie’ Ivanowa  ( which expands on his work and makes accessible evidence on who created the current timeline of ‘2016’, whereas, this date is approximately 1000 years of pure forced Jesuit religious hairdo control.

For Ex:
There were white-skinned people with red hair in China as proven by the mummies discovered. There were also hundreds of pyramids   there and the dating of The Great Wall of China actually goes back only to the mid-1600’s as proven by maps.  
The series uncovers this with evidence.

There were blonde people ALL OVER THE WORLD.

You will learn that these were TOO LARGE 
for the Romans to build.
They and some of the aqueducts were already there.

Ever see the real Star Wars remains of Sodom & Gomorrah?

Ancient technology was VERY ADVANCED
all over the world.
Your history books have been edited into comic books.

There are currently 47 parts. Here’s our favorite to get you started.

Bigger than Baalbek...The amazing megaliths of the Ural Mountains, Megalithic Archeological sites

Gornaya Shoria megaliths

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