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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

‘’Weaving Spiders Come Not Here' ♨️ Songs about SPIDERS


From the Free Online Album Soundtrack
The Lake Drain Lounge♨️ Under the Gallery Live ➸

➸The Lake Drain” - “Unique Science Fiction with humor & great effects!”

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SEE THE Theme Song Music Video :
‘Where Did My Dreams Go?’ 
by The Lake Drain Lounge ♨️

'Weaving Spiders Come Not Here' ♨️ Under the Gallery Live by The Lake Drain Lounge. Original Song from “The Lake Drain2” Science Docufictional film by Performance Gallery Films, LLC. (Guitar - Danny Sashimi; Keyboards/Synth - Seamus Djandi; Phil Ackrill -Rhythm Guitar; MaeLou Branford - Bass; Drums - Bayou Couteills; Synth/Vocals- Jerry Griffin)

This song dedicated to the Intrepid Irish Pirate who toils at the Bases Project and is one of the true “White Hats’ out there:

The LAke Drain Film

A Docufictional Film by Jerry Griffin. 
Country & Western Science Fiction.
A crucial, high-tech piece of CERN collides into the path of a retired and broken biker at his lake home in rural Alabama focusing covert recovery intelligence away from an actively targeted journalist. Unleashed is the high-tech Black Ops reconnaissance and recovery apparatus rushing to return the proton smashing missing element before “whatever is down there” gets it first. 
© All Rights Reserved. ♨️





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