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Thinking Conditioning
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Friday, October 7, 2016

Admiral Byrd’s 🔮Operation Highjump was a DOME disaster, not NAZI UFO’s


Barthalamew says, “If you don’t know what the ‘Snow Cruiser’ is above, yet, AND you believe there are ‘UFO’s From Space,” then the hairdo just don’t have the basic CHRONOLOGICAL SERIES OF EVENTS TO SEE IT WAS ALL FABRICATED. It’s not about THE DATES. ” 

The Snow Cruiser was stuck in Pine Run creek in Lima, Ohio. “...will soon face hazardous travel...

Yeah? We keep cutting the hair here. Continue...

It’s not about whether NAZI von Braun 
was in the studio above...or not...

or...why is he posing here in the “Antarctic...”

It’s about WHERE everything is. 
His grave says it right THERE.

If you are thinking from any point of reference...then what is the point of reference? (For. ex. - Do you think JFK was really assassinated?) Time for a new hairdo.

🔮This POST is FOR RESEARCHERS: “Operation High Jump; Journey to Antarctica to find the Dome” lays it ALL out for you in an exellent presentation by

Barthalamew keeps cutting off layers to the Exclusive Brainwashed Housewife Shag™ and by golly we knew the NAZI UFO thing was a bit too similar to UFO’s COMING FROM SPACE HAIRDO’s. Byrd’s massive force wasn’t ROUTED by NAZI UFO’s...THEY CRASHED INTO THE DOME.THEN ALL THE NATIONS SIGNED A TREATY. HERE IS THE VIDEO.

Real footage of Admiral Richard Byrd's secret expediton ✅

Then THEY all got together to sign a ‘Treaty” 

AND THEN...THEY developed rocketry to try to BLAST Their WAY OUT. Wouldn’t YOU if YOU wanted to GET OUT? 

🐠 🍳 🙄 🐠



You might try to leave but the hairdo always holds.

“IT SEEMED A FLAT DISC 🕳 WITH UPTURNED EDGE” - Auguste Piccard, Popular Science Magazine, August 1931


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